Protection of Personal Data


1-Our Method for Collecting Personal Data and Legal Reasons

In accordance with KVKK, we collect your Personal Data orally, in oral, written and electronic means through either automatic or non-automatic methods, and process as per Article 5.1, Article 5.2, Article 6.2 and Article 6.3 of KVKK. Please read the full Informative Text for further information.

2-Identity of the Data Controller

Regarding your Personal Data that you share through the means mentioned above, the Data Controller is Doğtaş Kelebek Mobilya Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi registered at Istanbul Trade Registry Office with the registration number 21271, with Mersis (Central Civil Registration System Identity Information) number 1000002098687291, with the registered office at İdealtepe Mahallesi Rıfkı Tongsir Caddesi No:107 Küçükyalı Maltepe Istanbul.

3-The Purpose of the Process of Your Personal Data

The Personal Data that you have made overt can be processed without your express consent for the purpose of fulfilling our legal obligations, drawing up and execute a contract, fulfilling our judicial obligations, providing, exercising and protecting a right and protecting our legitimate interests without prejudice to your fundamental rights and freedoms in accordance with Article 5.2 and Article 6.3 of KVKK. Within scope of the purposes set forth in the full Informative Text available on our website, your Personal Data can also be processed provided that your express consent is received in accordance with Article 5.1 and Article 6.2 of KVKK. Upon your registration in our customer database, you give express consent for the process of your Personal Data by us except for exceptional circumstances as well.

4-The Duration of the Process of Your Personal Data

Through the means mentioned in Informative Text, the Personal Data you share with Doğtaş Kelebek Mobilya is processed in any case as long as the legitimate purposes above are in effect in compliance with the durations deemed compulsory in the legislation with regard to the protection of Personal Data, particularly KVKK, and in other legislation.

5-Transfer of your Personal Data to the Third Parties and/or Abroad

Your Personal Data can be transferred without seeking your express consent in the event that the purposes set out within the scope of Article 5.2 and Article 6.3 of KVKK above exist or based on your express consent for the purposes mentioned in Informative Text in accordance with Article 5.1 and Article 6.3 of KVKK to the third parties that we provide support in the fields of storage, archiving, information technologies (server, hosting, program, cloud computing), security, call center, sales, marketing, to business partners, suppliers, banks, financial institutions, Group Companies with which cooperation is established and/or from which service is received, consulting firms that gives support in the fields such as law, tax, etc., the third parties that gives support in sales, marketing and other fields in respect of the activities of Doğtaş Kelebek Mobilya (advertising agencies, companies providing CRM support, etc. for the purpose of sending e-mail, launching a campaign) and organizations and institutions at home and abroad (EU countries, OECD countries, India, China, United Arab Emirates and Russia in particular).

6-Access to Your Personal Data and Your Rights under the Scope of KVKK

Pursuant to Article 11 of KVKK, by applying to Doğtaş Kelebek Mobilya Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, you are entitled to learn whether or not your Personal Data has been processed, demand information if processed, learn whether or not the use of these is suitable for the purpose, know the third parties to whom your Personal Data have been transferred at home or abroad, request correction in the event that the process of your Personal Data is incomplete or inaccurate, request that your Personal Data be deleted or destroyed in the event that the reasons for processing your Personal Data no longer exist on condition that they are assessed within the scope of purpose, duration and legitimacy principles, request that the third parties be informed of the procedures in the event that your Personal Data is corrected, deleted or destroyed, object to the consequence if your processed Personal Data have exclusively been analyzed through automatic systems and a consequence arises against you, demand compensation for the loss in the event that your Personal Data is processed contrary to law and you suffer a loss for this reason. Within this scope, you can send your request with regard to your rights above to our e-mail address which is given below and may change on occasion with secure electronic signature or deliver it to our mail address which is given below and may change on occasion again by hand along with the documents that help to detect your identity and a petition bearing wet-ink signature or send them via notary.

Doğtaş/Kelebek company finalizes the request as soon as possible and no later than 30 (thirty) days free of charge based on the nature of the request. In the event that an additional cost arises with respect to finalization of the requests by Doğtaş/Kelebek, the fees in the tariff determined by the Committee on the Protection of Personal Data may be demanded by Doğtaş/Kelebek. We would like to emphasize that if you withdraw your express consent in question when your Personal Data is processed based on your express consent, you will be deprived of the membership/loyalty program where the process based on express consent is required and you will not be allowed to benefit the advantages that you have benefited thanks to the mentioned processes as of the relevant date.

Mail address: Idealtepe Mahallesi Rifki Tongsir Caddesi No:107 Kucukyali, Maltepe/Istanbul

E-mail address:

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