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5 Articles Why Does Low Back Pain Occur?

If you are looking for answers to the question of why low back pain occurs, you are in the right place. There may be more than one physiological cause of low back pain. Of course, it will be useful to consult a doctor to find out the causes. But we recommend that you also consider the items in this article.

As the best mattress brand Lova Mattress, we will be conveying the causes of low back pain to you in this content. So why does sudden low back pain occur and how does it go away? Let's take a look at the detailed answers to these questions together. What do you say?

Why Does Low Back Pain Occur?


The causes of low back pain do not end with counting. We have listed the most important answers to the question of why low back pain occurs for you as follows:

1. Injuries

An important answer to the question of why low back pain occurs is injuries. Injuries have unfortunately become one of the most important causes of low back pain. Fractures in the spine manifest themselves at the junction of the spine. In young people, falls from a high place, gunshot

wounds and major accidents often cause chronic low back pain. This pain can also become permanent.

2. Tumors

2. Tumors

When it comes to the causes of low back pain, tumors in the spinal system come to mind. Tumors that stand out in soft tissue or bones can cause pain in the lower back. Tumors will manifest themselves as benign or malignant. First of all, it can damage the spine. Therefore, it is very normal

to have pain in the lower back. You can reduce severe pain by choosing among mattress models suitable for herniated discs.

3. Lumbar Hernia

Bending over for long periods of time, lifting heavy objects or working in the same position, gaining too much weight, living under stress can all cause a herniated disc. If you suffer from excessive back pain, you are probably suffering from a herniated disc. Therefore, you should see a doctor immediately. Of course, you will also need to have a comfortable bed.

Also, if you wish, What is a Hybrid Mattress? You can also read our content titled 5 Benefits of Hybrid Mattress Technologies. It will be very useful to get information in advance.

4. Infection

Most of the infections that occur in the spine manifest themselves in the lumbar region. Lack of a certain dietary routine, obesity, HIV and various cancers can lead to an increase in spinal infections. If you are experiencing severe back pain, you are right to suspect infections.

Infections, which are the most important answer to the question of why low back pain occurs, should be taken into consideration. Because even the mildest infection can become serious over time. Therefore, it is important to act cautiously and consult a specialist even in the slightest case.

5. Sudden Movements

Making sudden movements unfortunately invites severe back pain. If you are a person who is constantly doing sports, you should pay more attention to this situation. Suddenly making a reverse movement means that it will cause low back pain, thus causing conditions such as lumbar stiffness. You should act more carefully to prevent this from happening.

What is Good for Low Back Pain?


What is good for low back pain? Of course, doing sports regularly! Even the lowest level of exercise contributes to alleviating your low back pain. You may have difficulty moving the moment the pain starts. So take small walks without being too hard on yourself.

At the same time, regular swimming will also help to reduce your lower back pain day by day. It also improves your posture and helps you to have a better posture. Another action that is good for low back pain is practicing yoga.

Since you will also practice stretching movements while practicing yoga, you can easily reduce the severity of chronic low back pain. If you wish, get help from an expert in yoga. In this way, you will start to feel much more fit.

In addition to all these, choosing the right mattress is one of the most important factors that are good for low back pain. If you choose the most suitable mattress for you, you will see that the problem of low back pain gradually begins to disappear.

How is Low Back Pain Treatment?


There are numerous options for the treatment of low back pain. Acupuncture is one of these methods. Thanks to acupuncture, edema in the lumbar region is eliminated and the treatment process gains speed.

Nucleoplasty is another prominent option in the treatment of low back pain. This option is used in the non-surgical stage of low back pain caused by nerve compression. Nucleoplasty is performed under local anesthesia.

The severity of low back pain can also be reduced in a short time with radiofrequency therapy. A radiofrequency device that sends heat waves to the joints frequently at a set interval sends heat to the joints. In this way, you will see that your low back pain decreases rapidly.

Why does low back pain occur during pregnancy?


The question of why low back pain occurs during pregnancy has started to be voiced very frequently recently. During the pregnancy process, changes are experienced at every point of the individual's body. The main reason for this is that the body of the expectant mother is getting used to the baby.

The main cause of this pain is the growth of many areas in the body. Swelling, nausea and all physiological changes cause low back pain. Carrying the baby is also one of the main causes of low back pain. As the baby grows, low back pain may increase.

A person who suffers from low back pain during pregnancy should definitely talk to her doctor about this situation. Because there may be a serious problem. Your doctor will offer you the best advice on this subject. But we also recommend that you make sure that your bed is comfortable. Because an uncomfortable bed can be very uncomfortable for a pregnant woman.

Thanks to Lova mattresses that offer strong spinal support according to your needs, your back pain will gradually decrease. You can examine each of them and buy them whenever you want! We end our article here, where we answer the question of why low back pain occurs.

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